When do I need to wear a face mask?

In the Netherlands wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory anywhere. People at risk of becoming severely ill if they get Covid-19 are advised to wear a face mask to protect their own health. Respect other people’s choices about wearing a face mask and keep in mind that everyone’s situation is different.

Face mask may be required when travelling abroad

In the Netherlands, wearing a face mask is not required anywhere, including on public transport. Other countries may have different rules. Make sure you are well prepared before travelling abroad or returning to the Netherlands.

Indoor spaces: building manager decides

In some cases, building managers can decide that you must wear a face mask in their building, even if face masks are not required there by law. They can include this in their house rules. Protocols have been drawn up in some sectors, including for:

  • healthcare locations, such as hospitals, GPs and dentists;
  • community centres, churches and mosques; and
  • test centres and vaccination centres run by the Gemeentelijke Gezondheidsdienst – GGD (municipal health service).

Follow the recommendations

People are still advised to follow the basic recommendations to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Face masks advised for certain groups

Older people and people with certain health conditions have a higher risk of becoming severely ill if they contract COVID-19. Wearing a medical face protects you against infection.

Face masks not harmful

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that face masks are not harmful. They do not cause a lack of oxygen or carbon dioxide poisoning. Oxygen and carbon dioxide can simply pass through the face mask.

Wearing a mask may sometimes be a little uncomfortable, so you should wear one that fits you well.

Suitable face masks

The government advises against wearing fabric masks and homemade masks. Instead you should use medical face masks, preferably type II or IIR. If you are in an at-risk group you are advised to wear an IIR or FFP2 mask. It is important that you wear your face mask correctly. It should always cover your nose, mouth and chin.