Travelling and going on holiday

Everyone needs to take care that they don’t spread the virus, at home and abroad. If you are holidaying in the Netherlands, limit your travel movements. Avoid travelling abroad and do not book trips abroad until mid-January, unless your journey is absolutely essential.

The following rules apply to everyone:

  • If you aren't bound to school holidays, travel off-season if possible.
  • Consider visiting regions or cities that are not tourist hotspots.
  • Travel as little as possible. Keep travel to a minimum.
  • Limit contact with other people.
  • Travel by bicycle or on foot for short journeys if possible.
  • If you decide to go on holiday in the Netherlands, follow all the basic rules. Stay at home if you have symptoms, and call 0800 1202 to arrange a coronavirus test.

Additional local measures

Additional local measures may apply in certain Dutch cities and regions. Check the website of the city or region you will be visiting to find out what these are. For instance, check the city of Amsterdam's website for information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Amsterdam

See also: Poster 'Travel and holidays' (4 november 2020)