What is the difference between a personal budget (PGB) and care services in kind?

If you have a personal budget (PGB), you can choose your care provider yourself. If you receive care services in kind, the organisation providing your care decides what care you are entitled to and how this care will be delivered. It makes all the arrangements for you.

Care services in kind

Your municipality or care administration office will sign contracts with the care providers and support services. They will also deal with all the paperwork. You will be able to arrange the practical details of your care and support with your care provider.

Combination of PGB and care services in kind

It is sometimes possible to have both care services in kind and a PGB, for example if you are eligible for several kinds or care and have been granted a personal budget for one of these.

Health insurers may decide to provide only a PGB or only care services in kind, so it is not always possible to combine the two. Ask your health insurer about its rules on this.

Converting a PGB to care services in kind, or vice versa

You can convert a PGB for care under the Chronic Care Act (WLZ) into care services in kind. In some cases you can also switch from care services in kind to a PGB. If you wish to change, send a request to your care administration office.

The addresses of care administration offices (Zorgkantoren) can be found on the Zorgverzekeraars Nederland website (in Dutch).