Can I get funding for a personal alarm system in my home?

You might be eligible for funding for a personal alarm system, depending on your situation. A personal alarm system puts you in direct contact with someone who can come and help you or with a control centre in the event of an emergency.

Personal alarm system for medical reasons

Your health insurer may pay towards the cost of an alarm system for medical reasons. You must have a certificate from your doctor stating that you need a personal alarm system. The insurer will only pay for the device itself. You will have to pay any control centre fees yourself.

Contact your health insurer for more information and for the terms and conditions of your insurance package.

Personal alarm system for social reasons

Sometimes your municipality will be able to arrange for you to be connected to a personal alarm system, but only if you need it for social reasons. For example, if you do not feel safe in your home and there is no one nearby whom you can alert if something is wrong. Talk to your municipality to find out what the possibilities are. Not all municipalities pay for personal alarm systems, however.

No funding of personal alarm system

If your health insurer or municipality do not provide funding for personal alarm systems you can of course buy one yourself, but you will have to pay the full cost.

Applying for a personal alarm system

Many housing, welfare and care organisations (including home care organisations, care homes) provide personal alarm services. They will be able to tell you more about the options. Your municipality can also give you information.

How does a personal alarm system work?

When you send an emergency alert you will be put in direct contact with:

  • a relative, neighbour or informal carer, or
  • a control centre which will call up a relative, neighbour, informal carer or professional emergency response team.

Health insurers cover medical alert systems. Municipalities and care providers generally arrange personal alarms for social reasons.