How can I object to a decision taken under the Social Support Act?

If you wish to object to a decision about support under the Social Support Act (WMO 2015), you will need to write a letter to your municipality. You can object if, for example, you think that the local authority has not made a proper assessment of your care needs, or if you disagree with the customised support arrangement proposed by the municipality.

Objecting to a decision taken under the Social Support Act

This is what to do if you want to submit an objection:

1. Submit an objection to the municipality

Send an objection in the form of a letter (known in Dutch as a bezwaarschrift) to the municipality that took the decision, stating why you do not agree with it. You must do this within 6 weeks of the decision. It does not cost anything to submit an objection.

2. Municipality reconsiders decision

The municipality must take a decision on your objection within 6 weeks (this deadline can be extended by a further 6 weeks). The municipality will reconsider its decision, and it must explain how it arrives at its final decision.

3. Judicial review at district court

If you do not agree with the municipality’s decision on your objection, you may apply to the district court for judicial review (beroep). You must do so within 6 weeks of receiving the decision on your objection. You will often have to pay court fees for this procedure.

4. Appeal

If you do not agree with the district court’s ruling you may submit an appeal (hoger beroep) to the Central Appeals Court for Public Service and Social Security Matters (Centrale Raad van Beroep). Again, you must do so within 6 weeks, and you will always be required to pay court fees. It is not possible to appeal against the decision of the Central Appeals Court.