What should you do if you are not sure how to arrange for care or support?

Sometimes it is not immediately clear who is responsible for your care or support. Should you go to your municipality, health insurer or the care administration office? You may have asked one organisation about this, only to be sent to another and then back again. Go to the website Wlz-overgangsrecht.nl (in Dutch) to find out what to do.


The website Wlz-overgangsrecht.nl (in Dutch) explains what to do in cases like the following:

  • You need care or support that is covered by different laws. One example is your personal care, which can be covered by the Youth Act, the Social Support Act (WMO 2015), the Healthcare Insurance Act (ZVW) or the Chronic Care Act (WLZ). It all depends on your situation.
  • Your municipality or health insurer has asked you to get a needs assessment for constant care. But the Care Needs Assessment Centre (CIZ) says that you do not meet the requirements in the Chronic Care Act.
  • Your child is receiving youth care services. When your child turns 18 youth care services can sometimes be extended. In other cases your child will have to transfer to another scheme.