National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands

The National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands (RCN) is the Dutch government’s main information centre in the Caribbean Netherlands. Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba each has its own centre. The centres represent the Dutch ministries.

The Dutch government is launching various programmes to improve facilities on the islands. The RCN works with local administrators and organisations to achieve the government’s aims. The various centres are also responsible for implementing new Dutch legislation on the island municipalities.


  • remedial language and maths programme;
  • new teaching methods;
  • free textbooks;
  • additional training for teachers, school managers, and school boards;
  • improvements to school buildings. 

Youth and Family

  • advice and information under one roof: Centre for Youth and Family;
  • more help for families and children;
  • more personnel and facilities;
  • training for youth workers.

Health and sport

  • new health care insurance system;
  • more health care facilities;
  • more sports and exercise facilities. 

Public safety

  • new police force and fire department;
  • central dispatch room, operating round-the-clock;
  • expansion of emergency services;
  • more investigators in training;
  • better buildings for police and fire-fighters;
  • more prisons. 


  • stepped-up security at airports and ports. 

Spatial planning and the environment

  • clean drinking water;
  • responsible disposal of sewage and waste;
  • satisfactory spatial planning;
  • responsible collection and processing of waste;
  • remediation of soil pollution. 


  • social housing for low-income individuals and families. 


  • setting up of local pension funds;
  • introduction of US dollar as currency on 1 January 2011;
  • introduction of new tax legislation and reorganisation of Tax and Customs Administration;
  • statutory arrangements, adjustments and indexation of benefits;
  • purging of other government debt. 


  • right to earn a minimum wage;
  • health and safety, working time and illegal premises inspections;
  • introduction of work permits for foreign employees.