Drugs seized by Navy

A counternarcotics operation by the Royal Netherlands Navy in the Caribbean resulted in the seizure of over 1,000 kilograms of cocaine last week. The illegal drugs were found on board a suspect ‘go-fast’. The confiscated drugs and the crew of 3 were handed over to the US Coast Guard.

The confiscated bales of drugs

Patrol aircraft of the US Coast Guard and the US Customs and Border Protection detected a suspect go-fast in the Caribbean Sea on Wednesday night. HNLMS Holland of the Royal Netherlands Navy was subsequently instructed to intercept and search the vessel. Alarmed by the patrol aircraft, the go-fast tried to escape at high speed, with the crew throwing bales of drugs overboard in an attempt to get rid of incriminating evidence. After a short pursuit, the Holland succeeded in forcing the suspect vessel to a halt and apprehending the three crew members.