The Netherlands joins leading group on Circular Economy

With the membership of the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE), the Netherlands will be able to share their plans and views on the prerequisites to transition to  a wasteless economy and to learn from the experiences in other countries and businesses.

State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water Management) signed the letter of intent on their partnership in PACE on Tuesday in New York during the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Week.

Van Veldhoven: “I see a growing support for development strategies towards a low carbon and circular economy. The Netherlands has a variety of circular approaches and innovations to offer and we’re doing a lot to encourage circularity, but we will not have impact when acting by ourselves. A circular economy is a global economy, so we have to put this on the agenda internationally. I believe that PACE has the potential to have the impact required to accelerate the transition, and that our accession to the Platform has a lot to offer from both sides. We’ll have to: the re-use of materials is essential when achieving the Paris Agreement's goals.”

Zero waste economy

The Netherlands government ambition is to achieve circularity by 2050 and halve use of primary resources by 2030. Domestically State Secretary Van Veldhoven - in collaboration with other ministers - therefor actively strive to a zero waste economy. The government will stimulate circular design (design for re-use), scale up circular procurement with the ambition to reduce 1 Mtonnes CO2 by sustainable procurement practices, has just launched a CementAgreement (new cement will contain at least 5% of recycled material) and a Plastic Pact is being prepared to end the use of single use plastic products such as plates and straws.

Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy

PACE is launched in 2017 by the World Economic Forum (WEF), UN Environment together with the Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation and is co-chaired by the leaders of  the WEF, UN Environment, the Global Environment Facility and Philips, with the World Resources Institute, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the International Resource Panel, Circle Economy and Accenture Strategy as knowledge partners.

PACE brings together companies, organizations and governments to create innovative partnerships that drive actions at global and regional levels and will enable partners to cooperate to expand existing, and kick start new circular economy initiatives, in particular in the areas of plastics, electronics, food & bio-economy and business model and market transformation worldwide. They will be able to link networks and knowledge, and share best practices and policies across existing institutions. The Netherlands joins the Global Leadership Group currently including over 40 CEOs, Ministers and heads of international organizations committed to scale up and accelerate the shift towards a circular economy.