Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment to purchase sustainable fuel for air travel

With effect from April 2015, the Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment intends to purchase sustainable fuel for its official flights by joining the KLM Corporate Biofuel Programme. KLM will invest the annual fee of 200,000 euros in the purchase of sustainable bio kerosene. This converts into 30 per cent of the air travel by I&M officials with KLM or its partner companies, to be made using sustainable biofuel. Thus, the Ministry makes a structural investment in innovation and the actual reduction of CO2 emissions “at the root” of official air travel.

‘Increasingly more aeroplanes are equipped with quieter, more efficient engines. Yet the growth in aviation across the globe calls for additional measures. Flying on sustainable biofuel is one of these measures,’ State Secretary Mansveld observed during the annual Schiphol dinner. ‘KLM plays a pioneering role here, of which we may be proud.’

The purchase of biofuel is effected through the Bio Fuel Programme set up by KLM and its cooperating partner Sky NRG. This programme offers large organisations the option of converting to sustainable biofuel for part of their air travel. This serves to involve civil society in making aviation more sustainable. In addition, it provides an impetus to the sustainable fuel market. As a result, the production of sustainable fuel will increase, prices will go down and the demand for these types of fuels will continue to grow.

KLM only uses biofuels that meet all the sustainability criteria without affecting biodiversity and the food supply. To ensure that sustainable biofuels are bought, KLM/SkyNRG are advised by several organisations, including the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Currently, some 20 large organisations are already participating in the project, such as Ahold, the City of Amsterdam, Accenture, DSM, Nike and the Schiphol Group. With the accession of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to the KLM programme, the Dutch government leads the way in Europe. The Ministry intends to join the programme in no later than April 2015. Meanwhile, it is awaiting the required assessment by the European Commission.