Dutch coalition against climate change off to a good start

Companies, governments and civil society organisations have taken an important step towards the climate summit that will be held in Paris next year. They have joined forces in the Dutch Climate Coalition, involving joint initiatives aimed at climate-neutrality by refraining from anything that may affect the climate. State Secretary Mansveld (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) stated so in a letter to the House of Representatives.

‘With ambitious, realistic and sustainable solutions, these parties contribute to a habitable and prosperous world for everyone,’ according to Ms Mansveld. ‘Companies, governments and civil society organisations that join the Dutch Climate Coalition not only show ambition, but open their doors to collaborate on climate innovation, new earning models and sustainable entrepreneurship.’

Nearly 50 parties have already joined the Coalition, such as manufacturers, construction companies, transport companies and local authorities. The Coalition is growing fast and demonstrates that climate actions are most successful if all parties work together on climate-neutral solutions.

Participating companies

Leading companies such as DSM, FrieslandCampina and Philips have already joined, as have many companies from the SME sector. Large cities such as Utrecht, Haarlem and Nijmegen are also represented on the Dutch Climate Coalition. All the participating parties will present ideas and report on their short-term efforts for achieving a climate-neutral operational managemen

Climate-neutral goals

For example, the Landal Greenparks recreation parks focus on saving energy and opt for more sustainable energy in order to be CO2-neutral by 2030. Contractor Dijkhuis expresses its ambition to use primarily local materials in its construction work by 2020. The ASN Bank will not only operate in a climate-neutral fashion by 2030, but also aims to lend its funds in a way that does not impact the climate. The NS Dutch Railway Company will have all its trains run on green electricity by 2018, i.e., 1.2 million train trips per day will be climate-neutral.

International example

At the UN climate summit in Paris, in December next year, new global agreements will have to be made to reduce climate change. The participants in the Dutch Climate Coalition contribute to joint climate solutions and in the build-up to Paris they thus constitute an example for countries with less active collaboration between the various parties. Moreover, with these initiatives the Netherlands is showing other countries how it makes sense, in economic terms, to invest in climate innovation and green growth.