Netherlands puts sustainable transport projects in the spotlight

Today in New York, Minister for the Environment Wilma Mansveld presented an initiative aimed at helping other countries make their transport of persons and goods cleaner and more environmentally friendly. The Netherlands is supporting companies, cities and organisations across the globe by providing a stage on which they can present their climate actions in successful transport projects, innovations and practical ideas.

In the lead-up to the climate summit in Paris, these examples will be offered to other countries as solutions. In New York, the Minister met with representatives from all types of transport mode associations and organisations, including the business community and governments.

Ms Mansveld: ‘We want to speed up the transition to cleaner transport. We can do this together by sharing knowledge and adopting each other’s good initiatives. Given that vehicles make a considerable contribution to emissions of all greenhouse gases, we can make great gains by making our fleets more sustainable. Moreover, this would also be of benefit to liveability and public health in large cities that often have to cope with air pollution as a result of the rapid growth in the transport sector.’

Currently, the emissions from the transport of persons and goods account fora quarter of all global CO2 emissions. This percentage is growing by a few percentage points every year with the increase in traffic worldwide.

Dutch example

The United Nations has set down a number of theme areas to which additional attention will be paid during the climate summit in Paris. These areas include energy, transport, forests and food production. The Netherlands has been asked to take the initiative with respect to the topic of transport because, internationally, our country is regarded as a champion in the “greening” of the transport sector. Our excellent and dense public transport network, the development of electric vehicles and our cycling tradition are seen as examples for other metropolitan areas. 

‘We are not just contributing knowledge and innovations from the Netherlands. On the contrary, we are also particularly interested in collecting examples of sustainable transport projects from other countries,’ according to the Minister. The Colombian capital Bogota is one such example. Every day, 2.5 million residents of Bogota use city buses. Introducing a more sustainable and cleaner bus system will lead to a 90 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions and a 30 per cent reduction in the emission of fine particles within a few years´ time.

United Nations in New York

On 28 and 29 June, Minister Mansveld attended a the High Level Climate Event on Climate Change at the United Nations in New York. On Monday she addressed the meeting on behalf of the Netherlands . The aim of this UN event is to underline the sense of urgency for climate action by governments, the business community and other parties.