Minister Mansveld calls for realistic CO2 price for non-state actors

During the 2-day Climate Summit of the Americas in Toronto, Canada, Dutch Minister Mansveld (Infrastructure & the Environment) spoke about the need for setting a realistic CO2 price in order to combat climate change. In the lead-up to the new climate agreement to be adopted in Paris at the end of the year, the Netherlands is calling for the involvement of non-state actors, such as states, regions, metropolises, civil society organisations and the business community.

Minister Mansveld: ‘We are already working with the business community, civil society organisations and cities in the Dutch Climate Coalition. At the international level, too, this is an important prerequisite for climate policy that is based on allowing room for the economic opportunities green growth offers, and that leads to innovation and job opportunities.’

In Toronto, the larger American states are meeting to present their contribution to the Paris agreement. On the initiative of California, the world’s sixth largest economy, several of the states present are committing themselves to climate goals aimed at limiting the rise in temperature to a maximum of 2 degrees. The Netherlands has voiced its political support for this declaration.

Minister Mansveld will also be discussing what contribution the regions in attendance can make to a sustainable transport action agenda. At the request of the President of COP 21 (France’s Laurent Fabius), the Netherlands is coordinating a Transport Action Agenda.