Ms Mansveld discusses climate issues with the Pope

Today, Minister for the Environment Mansveld met with Pope Francis in Vatican City to discuss the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris. She thanked the Pope for his call for all parties involved in the international climate negotiations to make out a case for a new climate agreement. ‘The climate discussion involves more than just technical solutions. The Pope is expressly calling on us to take responsibility. In my opinion, that is important,’ Ms Mansveld says.

The meeting, attended by various EU Ministers and Commissioners in the fields of the environment and the climate, was prompted by the publication of the Pope’s encyclical “Laudato Si”, in which he sets out his views on climate change, sustainable development and combating poverty.

The Netherlands is making an effort to involve so-called non-state parties in the upcoming climate summit, in addition to the 194 participating countries that are making agreements on reducing CO2 emissions. The business community, local governments, NGOs and religious communities can also make a significant contribution to the negotiations.