The Netherlands contributes first 2 million euros towards global carbon pricing

We need to have clarity regarding what CO2 emissions cost, everywhere in the world. The Netherlands has already contributed 2 million euros towards setting a price on carbon emissions as soon as possible. The aim is to realise global climate neutrality more quickly. Environment Minister Dijksma made this announcement at the Paris climate change summit. 

Minister Dijksma: 'It will be impossible to play hide-and-seek once we have global carbon pricing. The Netherlands is happy to contribute 2 million euros towards achieving this transparency. It would allow us to see what the costs are for businesses and their investors, thus making the relocation of production, for instance, less attractive. Moreover, in this way, alternative forms of energy that produce fewer or no emissions will be a more likely choice.’

Carbon pricing mechanisms are already being developed in various parts of the world. The World Bank formed the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) to link these mechanisms to one another, and to assist countries that have no carbon pricing system in place to develop one. The Netherlands has offered to host the next meeting of the CPLC in 2016.