Environment Minister Dijksma to lead climate mission to California

From 21 to 25 May inclusive, Dutch Minister Dijksma (Infrastructure and the Environment) will be heading a climate mission to California (United States). Together with a number of Dutch companies, she is going to explore how climate-related collaboration between the Netherlands and the United States can be enhanced further. The mission will focus on the exchange of smart solutions to, for example, cleaner fleets and public transport, sustainable buildings, and combating the impact of a rising sea level. In addition to contributing to the attainment of the Paris climate goals, the new technologies and smart solutions also boost economic growth and generate more jobs.
In the context of the mission, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment is organising, together with the State of California (Environmental Protection Agency), the “Climate is Big Business” climate conference in San Francisco on 24 May.


The Paris climate agreement constitutes the point of departure for the multi-day climate mission. Public-private collaboration and transnational contacts are crucial in the substantiation of the global agreement. In this respect, collaboration with California is only logical: this American state represents the world’s sixth largest economy, and it is noted for its highly revolutionary approach to environmental issues.

Formula for success

Minister Dijksma: ‘My intention is for the attainment of the Paris climate goals to remain a global priority. This includes the mitigation of the global rise in temperature, which is having a major impact on our current world, but will also affect future generations. Climate issues are business issues as well. Climate adaptation generates hard currency, and generates more jobs. The combination of a green and healthy economy is the formula for success that must underpin our approach to tackling climate issues. I am proud that California, a pioneer in the field of climate change, wants to join forces with us in order to make this climate mission a success.’

CO2 pricing

On the first day of the mission, Minister Dijksma will meet primarily with representatives of the Californian government to discuss the intensification of the collaboration between the Netherlands and California in the field of climate change, the rising sea level, and the options for CO2 pricing.

Silicon Valley

For the second day of the mission, various field trips have been scheduled in San Francisco and nearby Silicon Valley. The Dutch delegation will be visiting various companies, including Apple and Facebook, to learn how sustainability has been incorporated into a successful business model. They will meet with former US Environment Minister Lisa Jackson, and visit a fully climate-neutral campus. The day’s programme also includes a start-up seminar, featuring short company pitches of solutions that contribute to tackling climate change. The Dutch companies joining the mission are all engaged in the green economy. They include EV-Box, Allied Waters, EVCharge4U, and Groasis.

Climate conference

The “Climate is Big Business” climate conference will take place on the third day. It is organised together with the Californian Environmental Protection Agency, which is responsible for the state’s environmental policy. California Secretary for Environmental Protection Matt Rodriquez and Governor Jerry Brown of California will be attending the conference. Climate expert Professor Guus Velders, recently acclaimed by TIME magazine as one of the world’s most influential people, will address the opportunities and challenges involved in climate change. The business community is also experiencing a sense of urgency to get serious with climate change and climate adaptation. At the conference, this will be illustrated by various speakers, including those from the Dutch companies Philips and DSM, and from American companies such as TESLA. A senior official from the Dutch DNB bank will also address the audience.

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