Results of Making Waves: two winners and concrete deals

In addition to two winners, Making Waves – the event focused on smart and feasible ideas related to water, the climate, and more – has led to several concrete deals. At the IJsselmeer Closure Dam, the devisers of ingenious ideas, investors, and businesses gathered to set the ideas presented in motion.

Breezanddijk setting the scene for MakingWavesNL conference Sept. 7 2017

For example, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan promised to put the Village Pump initiative in contact with the UN refugee organisation. Mr Annan considers the idea of this pump highly suitable for use in refugee camps. And the Vice-President of DSM indicated that he would like to take his chances with DutchaWEARness, a company designing and producing 100% recyclable clothing.

In addition to Mr Annan, the speakers included Minister Melanie Schultz (Infrastructure and the Environment) and Commander-in-Chief of the Dutch Armed Forces Tom Middendorp.

Micreos and Rainaway win Making Waves

The Making Waves event featured both a jury award and a public award. Micreos reeled in the jury award; the initiative was commended for the simple applicability of their idea. Following their victory, Micreos will be representing the Netherlands in the semi-finals of Ideas from Europe. Among the vast audience, nearly one quarter of the votes went to Rain(a)way, an innovation that prevents pluvial flooding in built-up areas.

Making Waves

The plans presented at Making Waves all pertain to (combinations of) water, climate, food, health, energy, and transport. And things will not end here today! The next time these and other ingenious teams will gather to give impetus to the ideas that they have developed will be during the Innovation Expo 2018. The theme of this Expo will be Global challenges, Dutch solutions.

Broad-based collaboration

Making Waves is an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment which has been launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, VPDelta, the Water Top Sector, the Association of Dutch Regional Water Authorities, the Delfland district water control board, the Hollands Noorderkwartier district water control board, the Rivierenland district water board, De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk, AT Osborne, Synergos Communicatie, NLIngenieur, and Rijkswaterstaat.