Government to invest €300 million in climate measures

This year the government will invest €300 million in a series of measures aimed at reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Netherlands. Projects will involve disconnecting existing residential neighbourhoods from the natural gas grid, using geothermal heat and reducing carbon emissions in agriculture and industry. The government is taking these CO2 reduction measures in anticipation of a new national climate and energy agreement.

The government will invest €300 million a year through 2030 in measures to help achieve the goal of 49% lower carbon emissions in the Netherlands by 2030. The cabinet has now decided on the investments to be made in 2018. As of next year, the budget will be invested in implementing measures set out in the national climate and energy agreement.

This year the government is investing €90 million to launch a programme that will disconnect homes in existing neighbourhoods from the natural gas grid, starting in Groningen. Lessons learned there will be used in other projects, so that 30,000 to 50,000 homes will be disconnected from the grid each year from 2021 onwards.

The government is also setting aside more than €30 million for innovations that will help reduce carbon emissions from glasshouse horticulture and livestock farming. A budget will also be available for accelerating CO2 reductions in industry.

An investment of €15 million in the transport sector will go towards introducing hydrogen fuel-cell buses, lorries and vans and building seven hydrogen filling stations in 2018. Money will also be earmarked for trials with climate-neutral, circular public procurement. A total of €12 million will go towards the circular economy.

Spending of climate resources, 2018


Budget (x €1m)

Interior and Kingdom Relations 95
Economic Affairs and Climate Policy 113
Infrastructure and Water Management 38.5
Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality 44.5
Health, Welfare and Sport  5
Administrative costs of national climate and energy agreement 4
Total 300.0