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Kingdom delegation to attend UN Climate Conference in Paris

Prime Minister Mark Rutte will attend the opening of the UN Climate Summit in Paris (COP21) on Monday 30 November, where he will ...

News item | 25-11-2015 | 17:15

Dutch environmental policy visionary and adequate

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD, calls Dutch environmental policy visionary and adequate, as it ...

News item | 25-11-2015 | 15:03

Dutch goals for the climate agreement: rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, binding agreement, everyone joins in

Minister for the Environment Sharon Dijksma will represent the Netherlands at the so-called Pre-COP, the final preparations for ...

News item | 10-11-2015 | 10:17

Koenders and Ploumen: ‘Climate change and security are intimately linked’

‘Climate change has a major impact on our security. We can no longer approach these two topics separately,’ said foreign minister ...

News item | 02-11-2015 | 14:57

The Netherlands votes against delaying the introduction of more stringent emissions tests for new diesel vehicles

The European Commission’s proposal to further delay the introduction of stricter, real-world tests for new diesel vehicles and ...

News item | 29-10-2015 | 15:15

Planetary Security Conference puts security at heart of climate discussions

On Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 November the Netherlands is holding the first annual Planetary Security Conference at the Peace Palace ...

News item | 28-10-2015 | 00:00

Minister Mansveld advocates quick introduction of new and reliable car testing in Europe

Europe must quickly take steps to put an end to cheating involving the admission requirements for cars. ‘Both consumers and the ...

News item | 28-09-2015 | 16:22

Ms Mansveld discusses climate issues with the Pope

Today, Minister for the Environment Mansveld met with Pope Francis in Vatican City to discuss the upcoming UN climate summit in ...

News item | 16-09-2015 | 13:51

Koenders meets with John Kerry in Alaska

Foreign minister Bert Koenders spoke at length with his American counterpart John Kerry in Alaska about the ongoing violence in ...

News item | 01-09-2015 | 15:52

Koenders attends Obama’s climate summit in Alaska

Today, foreign minister Bert Koenders took part in an international climate summit which was held in Alaska under the leadership ...

News item | 01-09-2015 | 14:37