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Minister Mansveld on CO2-reduction

Statement of Minister Mansveld on behalf of the Cabinet following the court ruling in the Urgenda case about CO2 reduction.

News item | 25-06-2015 | 14:28

The Netherlands sets an example by cancellation of greenhouse gas emission allowances

Global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the coming years run the risk of falling short. The Cabinet wants the ...

News item | 09-06-2015 | 12:50

Koenders: Solid commitment to climate diplomacy needed

Foreign minister Bert Koenders believes EU member states must coordinate their efforts better as far as the climate is concerned. ...

News item | 20-03-2015 | 16:46

Dutch coalition against climate change off to a good start

Companies, governments and civil society organisations have taken an important step towards the climate summit that will be held ...

News item | 24-11-2014 | 12:15

Netherlands invests generously in Green Climate Fund

The government is set to invest €100 million in the Green Climate Fund, as proposed by the foreign trade and development ...

News item | 14-11-2014 | 15:02

Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment to purchase sustainable fuel for air travel

With effect from April 2015, the Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment intends to purchase sustainable fuel for its ...

News item | 15-10-2014 | 10:19

Government and market join forces to make the Netherlands climate-proof

Governments, market parties, civil society organisations, knowledge institutes and educational establishments have joined forces ...

News item | 13-10-2014 | 16:46

I&M 2015 budget: investing in better connections and a cleaner living environment

In 2015, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment will be spending 9.2 billion euros on making the Netherlands ...

News item | 16-09-2014 | 13:30

The Netherlands advocates for ambitious European climate policy

As early as this year, the European Union should announce the aim of a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 40% ...

News item | 07-02-2014 | 16:54

Minister Mansveld: a step closer to a new climate agreement

Minister Wilma Mansveld of Environment is “relatively positive” about the results of the UN Climate Summit in Warsaw. "We are a ...

News item | 25-11-2013 | 15:37