Combating the import of and trade in counterfeit goods

Counterfeit goods are copies of branded goods. The legal term for counterfeiting branded goods is intellectual property fraud. Brands are protected. The customs authorities are responsible for preventing people from bringing counterfeit goods into the country to sell.

Counterfeit goods

Designer shoes, clothes, bags, luxury watches, CDs, DVDs and perfume are counterfeited to profit from the success of the genuine articles. It is against the law to counterfeit these goods and import them into the Netherlands.

Exemption for personal use

The rules on counterfeit goods were changed on 1 June 2016. You may bring counterfeit goods into the Netherlands from outside the EU if they are for your personal use. Customs can ask you to prove that you will not sell the goods. The rules on importing counterfeit goods can be read on the Customs website.

Economic consequences of trade in counterfeit goods

Importing and selling counterfeit goods has economic consequences. It distorts the market and the proceeds are often laundered.