Information about testing for coronavirus in other languages

Testing and self-testing for coronavirus is prompting many questions. You can use these communication tools in other languages and in simple language to help people find answers to their questions about testing for coronavirus. 

Testing for coronavirus in simple language

Watch the video in simple language on the website about: when to test and how to test for coronavirus. 

Coronavirus self-tests in simple language

Watch the video in simple language on the website about coronavirus self-tests: what are self-tests, where can you buy them and when is it a good idea to take a self-test.

Flyer coronavirus self-test

Read the information on the flyer about self-tests in different languages (German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Chinese)

Sample letter to order 2 free COVID self-tests

In August 2021 every household in the Netherlands will get a letter from the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to order 2 free coronavirus self-tests. You can read the sample letter in different languages: