Arranging a coronavirus entry pass to go to a bar or restaurant, event or other activity (step-by-step plan)

In many cases you will need a coronavirus entry pass to go to a bar or restaurant, an event or other leisure activity. Follow these 6 steps to get a coronavirus entry pass.

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Step 1: Check if you need a coronavirus entry pass

Step 2: What coronavirus entry pass can I get?

You can get a coronavirus entry pass if you:

  • are fully vaccinated; or
  • have had a coronavirus infection; or
  • have tested negative for coronavirus.

Step 3: Decide if you want a digital or paper certificate

You can choose how you want to present your coronavirus entry pass. The options are:

Step 4: Generate your coronavirus entry pass

Generate your coronavirus entry pass in the app or on the CoronaCheck website.

Step 5: Don’t forget your ID and admission ticket

Step 6: Present your coronavirus entry pass at the door

Information in the QR-code

The person who scans the QR code only sees:

  • your initials; and
  • your day and month of birth.

They cannot see whether you are vaccinated, have been tested or have recently recovered. They see a green screen with a check mark in it in all three cases.

COVID-19 symptoms? Stay at home

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, don’t go to your planned activity. Even if you tested negative on the coronavirus entry test (‘Testen voor Toegang’). Make an appointment to get tested for coronavirus by the municipal health service (GGD)

EU citizens visiting the Netherlands can use their own country’s COVID certificate

The countries in the EU/Schengen area have set up the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) system. Each participating country accepts the COVID certificates issued by the other countries. In the Netherlands COVID certificates are issued via the CoronaCheck app and website.

Using an international QR code in the Netherlands

If you are visiting the Netherlands and you need to show a coronavirus entry pass, you may be able to use the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) you also used to come to this country. Your EU DCC must take the form of a QR code and be based on proof of vaccination or recovery.

Negative test result valid for 24 hours

If you have a EU DCC based on a negative test result, you must have been tested no more than 24 hours before you need to show your coronavirus entry pass. If you were tested more than 24 hours ago, you must get tested again in order to be admitted. You cannot use the Dutch test result to generate a QR code in your country’s app. Instead, use CoronaCheck to generate a certificate with QR code.