No valid proof of vaccination

If you do not (yet) have valid proof of vaccination, this may be for one of several reasons. There may be a problem with your details. Or it may be because you were vaccinated outside the Netherlands or are not yet fully vaccinated. It is also possible that your proof of vaccination has expired.

Vaccinated outside the Netherlands

If you are unable to generate proof of vaccination using CoronaCheck and you received one or all of your doses abroad, see the page with possible problems and solutions if you were vaccinated outside the Netherlands.

Problem with vaccination details

In the following situations you will need to have your details corrected before you can get valid proof of vaccination. You may need to ask the organisation that vaccinated you to print valid proof of vaccination:

You have not completed your primary series

In the following situations you must first complete your primary series before you can get proof of vaccination:

Your proof of vaccination has expired

If you completed your primary series more than 270 days ago and did not get a repeat vaccination, your proof of vaccination will have expired. Make an appointment for a repeat vaccination. After this your proof of vaccination will be valid again. Go to or call 0800 7070.