Situations in which you have no valid proof of vaccination

Do you have no valid proof of vaccination? Maybe because of problems with your personal details or because you are vaccinated outside the Netherlands? You might find your solution on this page.

Problems with your personal details

You might have to correct your personal details to get a proof of vaccination in these situations:

Contacting the organisation that vaccinated you to have your data updated

  • If you were vaccinated by the GGD and are unsure whether the details you provided were correct, or if you are having trouble generating proof of vaccination, contact the GGD on 0800 5090. They will check your data and update it where necessary. It may take a few days before the updates can be seen in CoronaCheck.
  • If you were vaccinated by your GP, at a hospital or at a care home or similar location you cannot update your details. However, the organisation that vaccinated you can issue you with printed proof of vaccination. Check the website of the organisation that vaccinated you for more information. Or send the organisation an email. Only do this if you genuinely require proof of vaccination, as many organisations in the healthcare sector are very busy at present.

Problems because not fully vaccinated

You must get fully vaccinated first in these situations if you want to get a proof of vaccination:

Travelling abroad without proof of vaccination

If you wish to travel abroad, before your proof of vaccination becomes valid, you can obtain a COVID Certificate for travel by getting tested for coronavirus. 

If you want to attend an activity, you can get tested for coronavirus in order to obtain a  COVID Certificate for entry to activities in the Netherlands.

Yellow vaccination booklet is not proof of vaccination

Even if your COVID-19 vaccination has been recorded in your yellow vaccination booklet it is not official proof of vaccination, so you generally cannot use it to travel.