Factors that influence the vaccination schedule

There are many factors that influence the coronavirus vaccination schedule. The government wants everyone over 18 to have had the opportunity to get at least 1 vaccine dose by early July. But the schedule could still change, for instance, if vaccine deliveries are delayed.

Vaccination schedule may change

The schedule depends on several factors, including:

  • approval and effect of vaccines;
  • supply and distribution of vaccines to vaccine delivery locations such as hospitals and doctors’ offices;
  • new developments and recommendations from the Health Council and other bodies;
  • how many people want to be vaccinated.

As a result, the vaccination schedule could still change.

First vaccinations for health and care workers

There are not enough vaccine doses for everyone yet. Certain groups of health and care workers are eligible for the first round of vaccinations. Vaccinating them protects the most vulnerable people, and reduces pressure on the healthcare system.

Order of vaccination for people who do not work in healthcare

On 18 January 2021 the first vaccination invitations were sent out to people who do not work in healthcare. They included nursing home residents, for example.  

Vaccination period

It is still difficult to predict when approximately 70% of the population will have been vaccinated. This depends on:

  • the availability of vaccines;
  • whether the vaccines are suitable for all groups;
  • how many people want to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

If everyone gets vaccinated, coronavirus will not be able to spread easily, and we will all gradually be able to regain our freedom.

Make an appointment by phone or online after receiving your invitation letter

Once you have received an invitation to be vaccinated, you can make an appointment by telephone or online (online only at the GGD). The letter will tell you where you can get the vaccination. This might be at a large vaccination centre run by the municipal health service (GGD), at your doctor’s office or from an in-house doctor in a nursing home. There are GGD vaccination centres (in Dutch only) throughout the country where you can be vaccinated against coronavirus.

See: How do I make an appointment to be vaccinated against coronavirus? (in Dutch only)