COVID-19 vaccination for people aged 18 to 35

If you are aged 18 to 35 and have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19, please make sure you get your jab. You can do so with or without an appointment. If you have questions about vaccination you’ll find many answers on this page.

Why should you get vaccinated against COVID-19?

Most young people who get coronavirus hardly become ill, if at all. But it’s possible that you’ll get very ill indeed. It’s also possible that you will suffer symptoms for a long time after the acute infection. By getting vaccinated you greatly reduce the chance of becoming ill yourself, or passing on the virus to someone else.

Side effects of COVID-19 vaccination

Sometimes people experience side effects after getting a COVID-19 vaccination. These include having a fever or aching muscles for a couple of days. This is common with vaccines against other diseases, too. These side effects generally occur within 2 weeks of the vaccination. If you’re experiencing unknown side effects or you have concerns about side effects, contact your family doctor.

COVID-19 vaccination and fertility

Vaccination against COVID-19 has no effect on the fertility of men or women. If you are pregnant, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) advises that you get vaccinated against COVID-19. You will receive an mRNA vaccine produced by either Moderna or BioNTech/Pfizer. Vaccination against COVID-19 is not harmful to you or your baby. You can also breastfeed your child. There is no evidence that the vaccine enters breast milk. If you are pregnant,  make this clear when you make your appointment or when you arrive at the vaccination centre. 

Long-term symptoms (long COVID)

COVID-19 symptoms vary from person to person. It’s possible that you won’t get (very) ill at all. But it’s also possible that you will. And if you do, it can take from several weeks to 3 months to recover. Some people continue to experience symptoms after this period, such as chronic fatigue, pain and difficulty concentrating. These long-term symptoms are called ‘long COVID’.

You can get long COVID even if you’re young and fit. By getting vaccinated you greatly reduce the chance that you will get ill if you contract coronavirus, and if you do, that you will suffer long-term effects afterwards. If you are experiencing long-term symptoms caused by COVID-19, contact your family doctor.

Scared of needles? Tips and support

If you’re worried about getting vaccinated  because you’re scared of needles, you’re certainly not alone. No less than 1 in every 3 Dutch people is scared of needles. You can get special support at the vaccination centre if you're scared of needles. 

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