Night-time curfew as of Saturday 23 January

On Saturday 23 January a night-time curfew will come into force throughout the Netherlands. The House of Representatives consented to this new measure yesterday. This means that everyone has to stay inside between 21.00 and 4.30. The idea behind the night-time curfew is that people will visit or meet up with each other less often. This will help slow the spread of coronavirus. This is important because the government is gravely concerned about the spread of coronavirus variants that are even more infectious than the virus we are already familiar with in the Netherlands. We need to delay these new variants from gaining the upper hand for as long as possible.

While the curfew is in force, people are not permitted to be outdoors between 21.00 and 4.30. The measure will apply until 4.30 on 10 February.


You can only be outdoors if you have a valid and pressing reason for doing so. You must carry a self-declaration for curfew exemption with you. If you have to work, you must also be able to show an employer’s declaration for curfew exemption. In certain specific cases, no declaration is required. Only use the official forms provided by the government. 

Other measures

In addition to the curfew, the government has taken a number of other measures to reduce the infection rate, delay the spread of the original and new coronavirus variants and prevent new variants from being introduced into the Netherlands as much as possible. The government is also asking people to stay at home and to work from home wherever possible, and to limit the number of people they meet.

More information in English will be published shortly.