Coronavirus measures in brief

These are the measures in place from now until 20 April 2021 inclusive.

In and around the home

  • Sitck to the basic rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  • Receive no more than 1 person aged 13 or over at your home per day.
  • Visit no more than 1 other household per day.
  • Work from home. Only go to work if you cannot work from home.
  • Only go outside alone, with members of your own household or with 1 other person who is not a member of your own household.
  • A curfew applies from 22.00 to 4.30. During curfew hours, you may only go outdoors with a valid reason.

Special events

  • Funerals may be attended by no more than 50 people.
  • Weddings may be attended by no more than 30 people.

Locations are closed

Most locations are closed, including:

  • theatres, concert halls, cinemas, casinos, etc.
  • zoos, amusement parks, etc.
  • indoor sports facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, saunas and spas
  • restaurants, bars and cafes.

Locations that are (partially) open

  • Shops selling essential items like food and drink, as well as chemists.
  • Shops can offer a ‘click and collect’ service and shopping by appointment is also possible.
  • People with a contact-based profession can perform their work. You can go to a hairdresser or masseur or have a driving lesson. Only sex work remains prohibited.
  • Hotels are open but cannot serve meals to guests. They can provide food as a takeaway or delivery service but guests must eat it in their room. Restaurants can provide food as a takeaway or delivery service but guests must eat it in their room.

Childcare and education


The following rules apply to sports:

  • Children under 13 can take part in swimming lessons in order to obtain their swimming diploma (A, B or C).
  • Children aged 17 and under are allowed to take part in team sports outdoors and may play matches with teams in the same club. 
  • Young adults aged 18 to 26 can take part in sports activities at outdoor sports facilities. They can also take part in matches and competitions against teams from their own club.
  • Adults aged 27 and over can participate in sports activities at outdoor sports facilities in groups of up to 4 people. In other outdoor locations, adults are only permitted to participate in sports alone or in pairs. They must stay 1.5 metres apart at all times.


  • Travel by train, bus, metro or taxi only if your journey is essential.
  • Stay in the Netherlands. Do not travel abroad in the period up to and including 15 May.