Closing public and private spaces

What does 'closing public and private locations because of coronavirus' mean? Read the frequently asked questions.

Private and public spaces can be closed. What does this mean?

The government or the head of a safety region can determine that certain spaces need to be closed in order to prevent people gathering in groups. This might include camp sites, holiday parks, parks, nature conservation areas and beaches. 

Does this also apply to markets?

The head of a safety region determines where markets may be held and what conditions apply.

Which public and private locations are closed?

  • Shared toilets, shower blocks and washing facilities at campsites, holiday parks, public parks, nature reserves and yacht clubs will remain closed until 1 July 2020.
  • Sports clubs, gyms, saunas, casinos, amusement arcades and sex establishments will remain closed until 1 September 2020. An exception has been made for training facilities for top-level athletes.
  • Sports canteens including outdoor seating areas and changing rooms will remain closed until 1 September.
  • Cannabis cafés may only provide a takeaway service until 1 September.

Are all holiday parks closed?

The head of a safety region decides whether to open or close places like holiday parks and parks.

Who can take action if insufficient measures are being taken in public and private spaces?

The head of the relevant safety regions can close places like holiday parks, campsites, beaches, shops and parks and take action via emergency local emergency legislation.

Can I go to the hairdresser or nail salon?

Yes. Most people in contact-based roles are able to resume their work. This includes hair and beauty professionals (e.g. hairdressers, beauticians and nail technicians) as well as driving instructors, paramedical professionals (e.g. dieticians, masseurs, occupational therapists and dental technicians) and alternative medicine practitioners (e.g. acupuncturists and homeopaths). However, this does not include sex workers. If the public health situation allows, sex workers could be able to start work again on 1 September 2020.

Are swimming pools open?

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools may reopen on 11 May. Toilets and changing rooms may be used but washrooms and showers will remain closed. Toilets are open. The 1.5 metre rule also applies at swimming pools.

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