Rules that apply indoors and outdoors

On this page you will find information about the rules that apply indoors and outdoors.

Rules for groups

At home: no maximum 

There are no restrictions on the number of people you can receive at home each day. However, you should still follow the basic rules. 

Groups: no maximum 

There are no restrictions on group size.

All locations open

All indoor and outdoor public spaces are open. The basic rules to control the spread of coronavirus apply everywhere. Site managers must take hygiene precautions, for example providing disinfectant hand gel and handwashing facilities. Some restrictions still apply. 

  • Venues in certain sectors can only be open if they use the coronavirus entry pass system.
    • They are not allowed to opt for alternative measures like physical distancing instead. 
  • Opening hours for restaurants, bars and nightclubs are still restricted. They must be closed between midnight and 06.00. Takeaway is allowed between these times. 

Coronavirus entry pass for food and drink venues, events and other activities

From 25 September 2021 everyone aged 13 and over must show a coronavirus entry pass at certain locations. For example, to go to a bar or restaurant, an event, the cinema or theatre, or attend a professional sports match as a spectator. You do not need a coronavirus entry pass in shops or to participate in sports yourself.



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