Travelling and going on holiday

You can travel abroad, though certain restrictions apply. Consider holidaying in the Netherlands. Travellers from countries where the health risks are similar to or lower than in the Netherlands are welcome to spend their holiday here. 

For everyone living in the Netherlands, the following advice applies:

  • Make sure you travel smart and prepare well.
  • Consider holidaying in the Netherlands.
  • If you aren't bound to school holidays, travel off-season if possible.

Holidaying in the Netherlands

  • Consider visiting regions or cities that are not tourist hotspots.
  • Avoid busy places and travel outside peak hours. Travel by bike or on foot as much as possible for short journeys.
  • If you decide to go on holiday in the Netherlands: follow the basic rules. Additional local measures may apply in certain Dutch cities and regions. Check the website of the city or region you will be visiting to find out what these are.
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms and call 0800 1202 to arrange a coronavirus test.

Visiting the Netherlands from abroad