Air travel and coronavirus measures

The information on this website will shortly be updated on the basis of the most recent press conference, held on 20 January.

If you are travelling by plane, make sure you travel smart.

  • Airlines and airports have put rules in place. Before you travel, contact your tour operator or airline and the airports you will be visiting to ask for more information.
  • People with symptoms that could be caused by coronavirus are not allowed to fly.
  • From 18.00 on 15 December 2020, some travellers will be required to produce a negative COVID-19 test result on arrival in the Netherlands.
  • All passengers must fill in a health screening form before departure, declaring that they do not have any symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  • You are advised to check in online before you go to the airport.
  • The same rules apply at Dutch airports as elsewhere in the Netherlands: If you have any symptoms stay at home, stay 1.5 metres away from others, and practise good hygiene.
  • Passengers must wear a face mask at Dutch airports.
  • At certain peak times and due to security requirements it is not always possible to keep a distance of 1.5 metres at airports. That is why Dutch airports require passengers to wear a face mask.
  • You must also wear a non-medical face mask on the aircraft.
  • Make sure you carry enough face masks with you. Replace the face mask after each use, if it is damp or after no more than 3 hours of wearing it.