Travelling to the Netherlands: requirements for DCC based on proof of recovery

There are no coronavirus entry rules for people travelling from countries within the EU/Schengen area. An EU entry ban applies to residents of countries outside the EU/Schengen area. There are some exemptions, for example for people with proof of recovery. This proof of recovery must meet certain requirements.

People who have recovered from coronavirus and obtained an EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) can use it to enter the Netherlands. Other proof of recovery is not accepted.

Travelling to the Netherlands with a DCC based on proof of recovery

You can travel to the Netherlands if you have a DCC based on proof of recovery. COVID certificates in both digital and paper format are acceptable.

You can obtain a DCC based on proof of recovery if you tested positive for coronavirus in

  • an EU member state
  • the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • another country that participates in the DCC system.

See the map of countries taking part in the EU Digital COVID Certificate system.

Requirements for proof of recovery

Your digital or paper COVID certificate based on proof of recovery must meet the following requirements:

Validity of your proof of recovery

Your proof of recovery is valid for 180 days following a positive result from a NAAT (PCR) test or antigen test. This 180-day validity period applies to both residents of the Netherlands travelling abroad and people travelling to the Netherlands.

No entry to the Netherlands based on proof of recovery from another country

Proof of recovery from a country outside the EU Digital COVID Certificate system is not valid for travel to the Netherlands.

Check the requirements before travelling to the Netherlands

If you are planning to travel to the Netherlands, always check what requirements apply during your journey on