More Dutch jihadist travellers added to national terrorism list

Foreign minister Bert Koenders has added 9 Dutch nationals to the national terrorism list. A total of 61 persons and 3 organisations now appear on the list. Most of the individuals on the list have been linked to terrorist activities in Syria and Iraq.

Anyone who appears on the national terrorism list will have their assets frozen. As a result, they are unable to access their bank accounts or use credit cards.

‘This makes it harder for jihadist travellers to carry out or finance acts of terror. We also want to prevent these individuals from returning to the Netherlands to carry out acts of violence here,’ Mr Koenders said. In addition to these asset-freezing measures, the Netherlands will also be sharing information on these 9 people within the EU. ‘We need to take tough action on terrorism, in the Netherlands and abroad,’ the minister added.

The asset-freezing measure also has consequences for the friends and family of jihadist travellers who appear on the terrorism list. It is an offence to transfer or give money to people on the list. Anyone who does so may be fined or even imprisoned. 

Freezing assets is one of 38 ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ measures set out in the government’s plan of action ‘An Integrated Approach to Jihadism’, which falls under the responsibility of 3 ministries: Security & Justice, Social Affairs & Employment, and Foreign Affairs.

Infographic nationale terrorismelijst

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