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The Netherlands is still a legitimate target

The Netherlands is still considered a legitimate target by jihadists. Developments in jihadist conflict areas such as ...

News item | 17-06-2011 | 13:32

Public Order and Safety Inspectorate: Lack of Cooperation in Fighting Wildfires

Cooperation is lacking in fighting wildfires in the Netherlands. Most of the safety regions in the Netherlands are not properly ...

News item | 11-05-2011 | 15:20

Vigilance remains vital in the wake of Bin Laden’s death

Commenting on the death of Osama Bin Laden, Minister of Defence Hans Hillen said that it probably heralded a good day for the ...

News item | 11-05-2011 | 11:06

Dutch support for US project in Kazakhstan to combat nuclear terrorism

The Netherlands is contributing €400,000 to a US programme to combat nuclear terrorism. Today in Washington, Dutch deputy ...

News item | 04-05-2011 | 09:50

Bin Laden’s death a major blow to terrorism, says Rosenthal

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal says that the death of Osama bin Laden has dealt a major blow to al Qa’ida and international ...

News item | 02-05-2011 | 09:55

The Cabinet conducts a crisis decision-making exercise

The Cabinet conducted a crisis decision-making exercise today from 12 am to 5 pm. During the exercise, the Ministers and State ...

News item | 28-04-2011 | 16:07

National 2011-2015 Counterterrorism Strategy has been presented

A continued sharp focus on international jihadism as main terrorist threat against the Netherlands, measures to reduce risks of ...

News item | 20-04-2011 | 16:22

Annual test for detained terrorists

In future, detainees residing at a Terrorist Ward (TA) will be tested each year to establish whether they have become ...

News item | 31-03-2011 | 17:11

Jerusalem bomb attack shocks Rosenthal

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal said he was shocked about the bomb explosion at a bus stop in Jerusalem yesterday: ‘There is ...

News item | 24-03-2011 | 13:13

Worrisome developments continue to exist, threat level is maintained at 'limited'

The threat level for the Netherlands and Dutch interests abroad remains 'limited'. This means that the chance of an attack is ...

News item | 19-03-2011 | 09:09