Minister Hirsch Ballin to visit the Rome Statute Review Conference in Kampala, Uganda

Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin will participate on behalf of the Netherlands in the Rome Statute Review Conference in Uganda from 29 May to 1 June. The Rome Statute forms the basis for the International Criminal Court established in The Hague where suspects of international crimes can be tried. At present, 111 countries are parties to the Statute.

The crime of aggression is the most important subject of the Review Conference. The position of the Netherlands is that everything possible has to be done to reach consensus concerning the manner in which the Court will have jurisdiction over the crime of aggression. It is important in this connection to achieve a result that is ultimately also acceptable to non-State Parties.

The Review Conference will furthermore be used to assess the state of affairs at this time, more than eight years after the Statute entered into effect. This assessment will take place on the basis of four important subjects: 1) the relationship between the jurisdiction of the states and the jurisdiction of the Criminal Court on the basis of the principle of 'complementarity', 2) cooperation between States and the Criminal Court, 3) the effect of the Rome Statute on victims and affected areas, and 4) peace and justice.