Customs find cocaine in curry powder

Last week, Customs made a singular catch at Schiphol Airport. Half a kilo of cocaine had been mixed with curry powder in a shipment of food articles.

The shipment came from Surinam and consisted in total of 27 boxes containing food articles. On inspection of the sacks with curry powder, the difference in colour of two sacks was conspicuous. On further inspection of both sacks, it turned out that the content of one of the sacks was a mixture of curry powder and cocaine. Subsequently all the sacks with curry powder were transferred to the Cargo HARC Team. They have established that in total half a kilo of cocaine had been mixed with the curry powder. No suspects have been arrested.

The Cargo HARC Team is a collaboration between Customs, the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) and the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary.