Leave policy TBS tightened further

TBS-convicted persons that abscond from leave will in future not be allowed to go on leave for at least one year. State Secretary of Security and Justice Teeven will change the leave regulations for TBS-convicted persons for this purpose.

This was stated by State Secretary Teeven today at the Ter Peel penal institution, where he launched the seventh National Open Day of the Correctional Institutions Agency. Changing the leave regulations will make it more difficult for TBS-convicted persons to abscond from leave. By further tightening the leave regulations, the State Secretary implements the agreements contained in the coalition agreement. The intended effective date of the new leave regulations is 1 January 2011.

TBS-convicted persons are not allowed to go on leave unless they hold a leave authorisation. Said authorisation will lapse automatically if someone commits a crime, absconds from supervision, or is absent for more than 24 hours. State Secretary Teeven's decision means that TBS-convicted persons who have lost their leave authorisation will not be eligible for leave for at least one year, unless there are compelling personal circumstances for not withholding leave. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, it may also be decided not to grant leave for a longer period.