Courier of cocaine sweets apprehended at Schiphol Airport

This morning, border control officers of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary arrested a citizen of Amsterdam of 47 years old, because he could not pay an outstanding fine.

During the passport control, the border control officers saw that he still had to pay an irrevocable fine of 68 euros in connection with an earlier sentence. The man was arrested because he could not pay the fine.

The officers thought it suspicious that the man continued to ask for his luggage, which is why they decided to immediately inspect his luggage very thoroughly. Detectives of the Schiphol Team, a cooperation of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary and Customs in the airport, subsequently found a large amount of sweets, which they suspected to contain cocaine.

'Cocaine biscuits' had already been found at Schiphol airport earlier this week. Customs and the Military Constabulary state that smugglers often try to hide illegal drugs in foodstuffs or in other inventive ways.

The Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary is carrying out a further investigation into the arrested suspect and the sweets. The investigation is carried out under the direction of the Public Prosecution Service, location Schiphol Airport.