TBS-convicted persons with a background involving sex crimes to be placed under supervision for the rest of their life

It must be possible to place TBS-convicted persons who were previously convicted for a sex crime under supervision for the rest of their life. State Secretary for Security and Justice Teeven will prepare a legislative amendment for this purpose. Currently, supervision is limited to a period of at most nine years.

Serious sex crimes are very dramatic for victims and their immediate surroundings. The suffering sustained – both physically and mentally – is often great. Moreover, this sort of offence shocks society's trust in the rule of law. By introducing a measure that enables sex offenders to be supervised for a longer period of time, it becomes possible to more effectively monitor the compliance with conditions that should prevent recidivism.

The legislative amendment is an elaboration of the investigation into permanent supervision of sex offenders that was already announced in the coalition agreement. The investigation will also focus on the manner in which supervision should be implemented, and the specification of the categories of sex offenders to which the measure should apply. This investigation will commence later this month.