Criminal illegal aliens will only spend less time in jail if they leave the Netherlands

Criminal illegal aliens will no longer qualify for conditional release after having served two-thirds of their prison term, as is the general rule for convicted persons. The term of their imprison sentence will only be reduced if they leave the Netherlands immediately after their detention and do not return. Otherwise, they have to serve their entire prison sentence.

Minister Leers (Immigration and Asylum) and State Secretary Teeven (Security and Justice) will present an elaborated proposal concerning the above later this year.

In the event of reduced prison sentences, the illegal alien will in any event have to serve half his sentence and subsequently leave the Netherlands. In the event of a longer prison sentence, the illegal alien will need to have served two-thirds of his sentence before leaving the Netherlands.

With this measure, the Dutch government wishes to encourage criminal illegal aliens to actually leave. Under the motto "removal or serve your sentence", the Cabinet is combating illegal residence of foreign nationals that cause nuisance or who are involved in criminal activities. Simultaneously, the measure does justice to the feelings of victims and those of society, as it also means that criminal illegal aliens will not be able to escape punishment. Moreover, illegal aliens will often experience their repatriation as a punishment as well. If an illegal alien returns to the Netherlands after repatriation, he will have to serve the remainder of his prison sentence in full as yet. Thereafter he will again be repatriated.

Government-wide attention for repatriation

It has been agreed within the Cabinet that all Ministers and State Secretaries ask attention during all their international contacts for the repatriation of illegal aliens to their countries of origin. This does not just apply to countries with which the Netherlands has a relationship within the context of development cooperation, but to all countries and all subjects. Think for example of police cooperation, judicial cooperation, educational cooperation, cultural exchange and commercial contacts.