Slight decrease in recidivism

Offenders reoffend slightly less often. This was announced today by State Secretary Teeven at the 'day of juvenile crime'. It is the second year in a row that recidivism among both juveniles and adults is decreasing. The Minister and State Secretary for Security and Justice continue to focus on the further reduction of recidivism.

For example, the decrease among juveniles who have left a Young Offenders Institution is somewhat behind that of adult former detainees. Combating juvenile crime remains an absolute priority for the Dutch government, inter alia through the introduction of adolescent criminal law and a combination of community punishment and reformation for repeat offenders. Reducing the number of robberies also remains a key objective of government policy.

The Ministry of Security and Justice monitors developments in recidivism by means of the recidivism monitor of the Research and Documentation Centre. The figures published today show that out of all adults who left a penal institution in 2009, approximately 49.4% reoffended within two years, when compared with 50.7% in the previous year. Among juvenile detainees this percentage dropped from 53.9% to 53.0%. Among adults and juveniles who committed a crime but also received a different sanction in respect thereof, the recidivism rate dropped by 0.7% and 2.0% respectively.