Renewed raids and inspections under the leadership of the Taskforce Organised Crime Brabant

The Brabant authorities have again conducted raids on cannabis growing operations and have started inspections of grow shops. The directed actions headed by the Taskforce Organised Crime are aimed against organised cannabis production in Brabant.

The police is investigating which persons are connected to the dismantled cannabis growing operations and will deal with them as well. Municipalities and the Tax and Customs Administration impose sanctions on grow shops where violations are identified. Grow shops will be closed if necessary.

The raids and inspections are in line with the broader approach of the Taskforce to improve the information position of the government, so that municipalities and the Tax and Customs Administration can perform targeted interventions and, moreover, the criminal connections become visible. The information can also play a role in future investigations into organised crime in Brabant.

Second day

It is the second day the Brabant authorities conduct targeted actions against organised cannabis production. 19 cannabis growing facilities were dismantled in Tilburg, Breda and Helmond and 14 suspects were detained and 16 grow shops were inspected on Tuesday 15 February. A large discovery was made in a Breda grow shop during one of the actions, in respect of which more information will be released later today.

The municipalities, the police, the Public Prosecution Service, the Tax and Customs Administration, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Security and Justice work together in the Taskforce in order to reduce organised crime in Brabant. This is done by dealing with criminals and their organisations under criminal and administrative law and from a tax perspective. To make this possible, the agencies involved share their information and cooperate on the analysis. This systematically charts criminal partnerships in Brabant, which can then be dealt with. Although the focus of the raids and inspections is currently of the production of cannabis, the Taskforce focuses on all subareas where organised crime manifests itself such as handling stolen property, money laundering and real estate fraud.


The taskforce was formed in December 2010 by the five largest municipalities of Brabant and Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice following a number of serious incidents. The objective of the Taskforce is to improve the information position and strength of the government in Brabant by means of intensive cooperation. The Taskforce is headed by mayor of Tilburg Noordanus together with the Director General for the Administration of Justice and Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Security and Justice.

The Taskforce calls on the inhabitants of Brabant to make their neighbourhoods safer by report suspicious situations to the police of Meld Misdaad Anoniem. The telephone number of Meld Misdaad Anoniem is 0800-7000.