Mandatory identification when purchasing metal for cash

The government intends to introduce an obligation to prove one's identity when purchasing or selling metal for cash. This measure is being introduced to combat the handling of stolen copper and to make the sale more difficult for thieves. The Council of Ministers has agreed to this based on a proposal by Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice. The aim of the government is to have the obligation to prove one's identity take effect on 1 January 2013.

The measure is intended to make it impossible for thieves to sell stolen copper anonymously to metal traders. Copper theft not only causes damage, but can also lead to dangerous situations. Other measures which have been taken recently to tackle copper theft are: the use of flexible teams of police, supported as necessary by helicopters, so that copper thieves can be caught in the act, the use of synthetic DNA, which makes it possible to trace the origin of the stolen copper, and a higher sentence demand by the Public Prosecution Service. 
A number of parties have started collaborating in order to tackle copper theft. ProRail, TenneT, the Ministry of Security and Justice, the police, the Public Prosecution Service and the Metal Recycling Federation [Metaal Recycling Federatie] are cooperating to prevent the theft and handling of copper and other metals.