Minister Opstelten paints first Safety Spot

Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice took the first Safety Spot into use on 15 August in the Tuinzigt Shopping Centre in Breda. This is a bright yellow semicircle on the ground in front of a cash machine. Safety Spots are a new measure in the fight against crime and will be placed in 50 shopping areas in the coming months.

People automatically wait outside the circles while someone is withdrawing money. Crime involving cash machines, such looking along when the PIN code is entered and street robberies, consequently become more difficult and people inside the circle feel safer.

At the Tuinzigt shopping centre, entrepreneurs, the municipality, the police and the fire brigade structurally work together on increasing the safety in the shopping centre. This is done using the methodology of the Business Security Warranty (KVO) under the supervision of the Central Industry Board for Retail Trades (HBD). The Safety Spot is placed as part of the KVO. The Ministry of Security and Justice supports this initiative and therefore offers 50 shopping areas with a KVO and the possibility of placing Safety Spots free of charge.

KVO very effective

The KVO approach has also demonstrated its worth. Investigation of the HBD shows that losses are reduced by over 30% and the sense of safety experienced by entrepreneurs, employees and customers increases by nearly 30%. Over 400 shopping areas are already working according to this method.