Football hooligan taken out of the game for longer

Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice wants give mayors the legal option of imposing an exclusion order, group ban or an obligation to report on football hooligans with a longer effective term than the current three months. A consecutive term of three months currently applies; the proposal of the Minister is that this period will no longer be consecutive, but that it can be split up. For example: 45 times two days. This means that a football hooligan is excluded from all match days for a year. This was written today by the Minister in a letter to the Lower House of Parliament.

The Minister and the Members of Parliament agree on new measures

The private member's memorandum on measures to combat football hooliganism from Members of Parliament De Mos, Van Dekken and Corüz emphasise the need for decisive action. The memorandum contains valuable suggestions for this purpose.

The Minister wants to send a strong signal, in consultation with all parties involved (the police, the Royal Netherlands Football Association and the Public Prosecution Service), that troublemakers will be dealt with severely and banned from football stadiums.

Legislative amendments

In addition to extending the term of exclusion orders that can be imposed by mayors, the courts will be given the opportunity to impose an exclusion order, an order banning contact or an obligation to report of at most five years.

There is also a legislative amendment in preparation that provides that those who violate an exclusion order or obligation to report imposed by a mayor can also be arrested while not being caught in the act.

More measures

All parties involved will make a contribution to let the football season proceed as pleasantly as possible. The police and the Public Prosecution Service are prioritising the approach to vandalism by football hooligans. The football clubs maintain the stadium bans by actually preventing access to the stadium. New steward training will also be introduced.

The mayors involved will ensure that an obligation to report is attached to exclusion orders and thus will ensure that it becomes impossible for football hooligans to travel to matches elsewhere in the country or abroad.


The Professional Football Supporter Platform (SBV) was also consulted. The SBV supports our ambition to turn football back into a festive occasion and is in favour of dealing effectively with the small group of troublemakers at football matches. They are concerned, however, about the accumulation of measures that can be implemented by the various parties (the Public Prosecution Service, the police and the Royal Netherlands Football Association) in the event of offences and disruptions. In addition, the SBV is concerned about the privacy of the supporters. In his letter to Parliament, the Minister indicates that he considers it of great importance to continue to speak with the SBV.