Free security check for 10,000 stores

State Secretary Fred Teeven of Security and Justice and Elrie Bakker, chairman of the Central Industry Board for Retail Trades (HBD) will today perform the first Security Check at the In de Bogaard shopping centre in Rijswijk. During Security Week (8 to 14 October 2012), the HBD in cooperation with the Ministry of Security and Justice will launch the action campaign for more security in stores. This campaign, which will run until the end of March 2013, entails that a free Security Check will be performed at 10,000 stores in the Netherlands. The Security Check allows store owners to check the security of their store.

The campaign with the theme 'How secure is your business? Do the security check!' is intended to make store owners more aware of what they can do to increase security in and around their store. This is already possible with simple measures that demand relatively little time and investment and yet achieve great results. This concerns visible matters, such as the presence of cameras, a confrontation monitor in which the client can see himself, the presence of house rules, and the use of a system for removing excess cash or an open store layout. 

For the purpose of the Security Checks, cooperation takes place with ROCs that provide training in the field of security. The effect is two-fold: the entrepreneurs receive security advice and the students obtain useful practical experience. The ROC students perform the Security Checks at stores under the supervision of the HBD. They check the stores regarding 12 important points for attention. 

A Security Check will be performed at a total of 10,000 stores up to the end of March 2013. During the Security Week, stores in the cities of Rijswijk (8 October), Zwolle (9 October), Arnhem (10 October), Huizen and Bussum (11 October) will be checked.  The campaign also involves an action website: This site offers further information concerning the campaign schedule and about other subsidy schemes. Moreover, the Security Check can also be downloaded to perform the quickscan yourself.

Security Week: 8 to 14 October 2012

The national Security Week is held yearly in the 41st week (this year from 8 to 14 October). The aim of the week is generate extra attention for the theme of security and to make everyone aware of their own role and responsibilities where it concerns security. Week 41 is the appropriate moment as the dark winter months approach. Experience shows that crime, and in particular robbery-related crime, rises precisely during the winter months. During Security Week, industry and umbrella organisations in many sectors and municipalities will organise a broad range of activities to encourage entrepreneurs and employees to start working on the theme of security. The Ministry of Security and Justice supports the initiative and introduces new campaigns to point out the importance of prevention to the old and the young. The website provides an overview of all activities.

 A few examples of the activities in the context of the Security Week:

  • Monday 8 October: Kick-off meeting security awareness training, Sassenheim
  • Tuesday 9 October: Start national street robbery campaigns, STC Rotterdam
  • Wednesday 10 October: Presentation hospitality industry security app, Amsterdam
  • Thursday 11 October, Launch of the campaign to make senior citizens more resilient, Rotterdam