Start of street robbery campaigns ‘Street Robbery is for Losers’ and ‘Caution, I’m on Guard’

Today, Mr Opstelten, the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, and Commissioner of Police Paauw (Rotterdam-Rijnmond) gave the green light for two street robbery campaigns entitled: ‘Street Robbery is for Losers’ and ‘Caution, I’m on Guard’ at the Shipping and Transport College (STC) in Rotterdam. The minister’s aim is to use the campaigns to inform young people of the consequences of street robbery for the perpetrator and the victim and to draw their attention to a tracking application which can help protect their mobile phones. As it turns out, young people are relatively often the victims of street robbers, who are keen on smartphones.

In this battle, the minister has help from Jandino Asporaat, well-known through his own TV show, the Dino Show. ‘Young street robbers do not realize what the consequences are for the victim and for themselves. They run a big risk of getting caught by the police, ruining their future because of a criminal record’, says Jandino, ambassador against street robbery. At the STC, Jandino gave the first of a series of workshops in the context of the campaign ‘Street Robbery is for Losers’ which will be held at various secondary vocational and pre-vocational training institutes.

Street Robbery is for Losers
The video ‘Stop street robbery’ (go to features Foolio (played by Jandino) inviting students to write a script for the street robbery campaign film. For the script, those young scriptwriters will use their own views, seen from the perspectives of both the perpetrator and the victim. Jandino and the writers of the winning scripts will play a role in the film that will be released online at the end of 2012.

Caution, I’m on Guard
With the second campaign against street robbery entitled ‘Caution, I’m on Guard’, minister Opstelten urges young people to download a tracking application onto their mobile phones. This is expected to help reduce the number of street robberies in which mobile phones are stolen. This kind of software facilitates tracking a stolen telephone (go to 

With the campaigns, the minister is waging war against robberies. In 2011, approx. 8700 people were the victims of street robbers, stealing the victim’s telephone, bag, jewellery or headphones. In 2012, the number to date is 5400 (end of August). ‘As the ministry of Security and Justice, we collaborate closely with the police and other cooperating parties to significantly reduce the number of street robberies’, according to minister Opstelten. The chance of street robbers being caught must also increase. In 2012, over 50% more suspects were caught compared with 2009.