KHN and Teeven launch Safe Hotel and Catering Industry app

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (Dutch trade association for the hotel and catering industry or KHN) and State Secretary Teeven of Security and Justice launched the Safe Hotel and Catering Industry app on 10 October. This unique tool was developed with subsidy from the Ministry of Security and Justice and helps entrepreneurs in the hotel and catering industry to increase the safety in their establishment. The app covers the themes Robberies, Break-ins, Internal Fraud, Aggression, Extortion and Human Trafficking. The users of the app can perform a checklist per theme and then receive tips and advice they can mail to themselves. This makes entrepreneurs even more aware of the safety risks in their hotel or catering establishment. The app will be launched during the Safety Week.

Essential tool

Lodewijk van der Grinten, general director of KHN: "The emotional and financial consequences of crime are substantial for the entrepreneur, employees and guests. That is why KHN is investing, together with the government, in advice, measures and campaigns in order to reduce crime in the hotel and catering industry. Stopping to consider safety means that you to have to take inventory of what you are already doing and what you may still need to do. The Safe Hotel and Catering Industry app is a modern and useful tool for doing so."

You can install the app on your smartphone or tablet by visiting

Safety Week: 8 to 14 October 2012

The Safety Week is held each year in week 41 (this year from 8 to 14 October). The aim of the week is to generate additional attention for the theme of safety and to make everyone aware of their own role and responsibilities where it concerns safety. Week 41 is a fitting time, as by then the dark winter months are approaching. Experience shows that it is precisely during the winter months that crime and robbery-related crime in particular rises. During the Safety Week, sector and umbrella organisations in numerous sectors and municipalities are organising a broad range of activities in order to encourage entrepreneurs and employees to get to work on the theme of safety. The Ministry of Security and Justice supports the initiative and introduces new campaigns to make young and old aware of the importance of prevention. The website provides an overview of all activities.