Dutch Senate agrees to the importation of Norwegian prisoners

A definitive agreement has been reached regarding the incarceration of Norwegian prisoners in a penal institution in the Netherlands. Today the Dutch Senate ratified the treaty that will enable the importation of the prisoners. Now that the Dutch Senate has ratified the treaty, 242 Norwegian prisoners will be incarcerated in the Norgerhaven branch of the penal institution in Veenhuizen. The Norwegian parliament ratified the treaty at the beginning of June.

This international cooperation has been arranged in view of the fact that there is a surplus of cell capacity in the Netherlands, while in Norway there is a shortage of space for detainees. The treaty has been agreed for a period of three years, with the option of renewal for further terms of one year.

A Norwegian prison governor will be appointed in Norgerhaven and a Norwegian prison regime will apply. The remainder of the staff will still be Dutch. The agreement between the Netherlands and Norway will mean that 239 FTEs are able to keep their jobs within the prison system. The staff in Veenhuizen will receive training in Norwegian law and detention culture. They will also be offered the opportunity to do an English language course. The first Norwegian prisoners are scheduled to arrive in Norgerhaven in September of this year.